Technology components

Technology components are stand alone components used for integrators and companies alike to build large scale 3D printers

Large scale 3D printing technology components

CEAD offers its robot extruders as complete standalone systems, accompanied with a base unit that controls temperature, extrusion speed, automatic material transport and which ensures safe operations. This means it includes everything needed for extrusion of thermoplastic materials and start your additive manufacturing process. The extruders are regularly integrated with robot-arms and gantry-based solutions. The robot extruders are ideal to turn your existing robot- or CNC system in a large scale 3D printer.

The extruders are designed to process fiber-filled thermoplastic pellets, a cost-effective material that offers high performance and quality. The extruders process virtually all short-fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites, making them widely applicable to many industries. We offer ancillary systems that help to maximize your workflow, such as a pellet dryer and a proprietary print bed.

Additional component: Printbed

Stable building platform for large scale industrial 3D printing

The print bed provides a rigid, stable and easy to use building platform for large scale 3D printing. The working area of the print bed exists out of multiple aluminium bed profiles, specially designed for additive manufacturing, which guarantees a good mechanical bonding between the printed object and the bed. The print bed can be used for any thermoplastic printing material.


  • Working area of 2m x 1,2m
  • Strong mechanical bonding between printed object and bed
  • Rigid built frame
  • Perfect flat and level bed
  • Easy in use

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